Ajuntament de Lloret de Vistalegre



Several towns across the plains of Mallorca make the claim of being situated in the centre of the island. Lloret is one of these towns. It has changed its name at least three times throughout its history: first it was called Manresa, then Llorito and finally Lloret de Vistalegre. The town is located on a small elevation.

Agriculture, the common factor of the towns across the plains, is still the main activity of the municipality, even though it is facing the same recession that affects other towns. In the past, the people of Lloret were great farming experts. The farmer Monserrat Fontanet is a perfect example. He is one of the most important figures of the village. He lived in the 18th century and wrote the popular “Art de Conró”, a renowned treaty of farming recommendations and techniques. This skilful farmer designed the channel of Massanella, a wonder in the field of popular hydraulic construction. He has also been attributed the invention of the “carretó de batre”, a stone implement that is essential to grind cereals.

Mills and wells are the constructions with more character in the landscape of Lloret. Sa Comuna is located in the countryside. It is a public natural space that has been used by the people of Lloret since the 13th century. In 1927 the area, which is a combination of thicket and pine forests, was declared "Mont d’utilitat pública” (scrubland of public use). People meet in the area to celebrate festivals and pilgrimages. In the recent past the people of Lloret have preserved and protected sa Comuna since they recognise the high landscape and natural value that it holds for the municipality.

With the aim of paying homage to farmers and our most popular fruit the town celebrates a unique festival: “festa de’s Sequer”. Figs are a humble but exquisite fruit and the festival, held in autumn, is devoted to the ethnologic elements surrounding the production of figs, which was essential for Mallorca in the past. Lloret created the festival to preserve the traditions and culture of the town.

Still on the subject of festivals, Lloret has an infalible resource to provide entertainment for any event: rockets and fireworks. The people of Lloret feel happy to belong to this land and community when they hear a rocket being fired, exploding and illuminating the sky with colours and fantastic shapes.