Ajuntament de Lloret de Vistalegre



The Arab farms that were located in present-day Lloret were given by King Jaume I to his men. He kept “Els alous” for himself. Benigalip was one of the aforementioned Arab farms. It was awarded to Ponç Olzet and five knights of Manresa. In the 14th century it established itself as one of the most important farms. In the 16th century, 20 families lived in the farm. It continued growing with the establishment of the Convent of Nostra Senyora de Loreto and the name of Manresa was replaced by Llorito. In the 18th century the population totalled 500 inhabitants. In the 20th century the long process of separation from Sineu that had began in the 19th century reached its conclusion. The separation took place in 1924 and coincided with the peak of population of Llorito (1,200 inhabitants).

After the independence from Sineu, the town became Lloret de Vistalegre.

At present the municipality has a population of 1,189 inhabitants.