Ajuntament de Lloret de Vistalegre



1- Comuna de Llorito. Itinerary: Es Pi Gros, Trail of s’Aljub, Blanc Trail, Trail of Ca’n Dimoni. (on foot, 1 hour).

The walk begins at the cemetery of Lloret. Enter Sa Comuna and head west to the site known as “es Pi Gros” (meaning large pine tree; the tree is no longer standing). The Trail of es Pi Gros passes by the site. Follow the trail to the football pitch. Take the Trail of s’Aljub. Once at s’Aljub leave the trail and take a right turn and proceed to “cau de sa Murtera”. Walk to the Blanc Trail and follow it to the left. The trail leads to the Algaida road, in the limits of sa Comuna. Return along the Trail of Ca’n Dimoni leading to the Pi Gros or football pitch.

2- Windmill of en Perico, Well of Llorac, Windmill of en Nina, Font Figuera, Well of Sa Casa Nova, Cemetery and es Molins

Starting at Es Pou, follow the Sineu road. Three hundred metres further on take the Montuïri road. Shortly afterwards, to the left, you will see the windmill of en Perico, with its tower. Follow the road for a kilometre to reach the well of Llorac on the left, slightly before reaching the houses with the same name.
Walk back for a hundred metres and turn left. Follow the road. Font Figuera is located to the right and the windmill of en Nina to the left. Pass the fountain and follow the road and take the first road to the right leading to the cemetery of Lloret. Halway there you can turn left to visit the well of Sa Casa Nova.
Cross the Lloret-Pina road and leaving the cemetery to the right skirt sa Comuna area until you reach a junction. Take a right turn leading to the neighbourhood of Es Molins. Return to Lloret town centre after visiting the two flour mills. (Distance: 4 Km. On foot, by bicycle or by car).